How to Take Care of Your Child Car Seat


Taking care of your car’s interior is very important. You need to understand the importance of keeping your car internally clean. A dirty interior will not only smell bad but can cause many health issues as well. Moreover, it will be bad for your reputation as a car owner. Nobody likes to sit in a messy car.

If you don’t take care of such car seats, then the classy look will vanish and you will have a big mess in the car. I always make it a point to clean my car seats once every fortnight. A proper care will not only make your car seats look good and new, but also increase the lifespan of your car seats.

My cleaning process starts with vacuuming the car to remove dust particles and other food particles scattered over by my kids. You can also use a soft and dry brush for cleaning areas where your vacuum cleaner is unable to reach. A good vacuum cleaner will be able to remove all the dirt and debris without causing any scratches or lint on the seat fabric. Once you are done with removing the dirt using a vacuum cleaner or a brush the next step is to use a mild cleansing lotion to clean the surface of the seat.

I always use a soft towel that is damp enough to clean the car seats. When cleaning your child car seats with a lotion, you need to make sure to use a quality cleaning solution preferably recommended by the car seat manufacturer. A cheap or poor quality cleaning solution can cause irreparable damages to your car seat and in most cases you will have to spend money on new car seats to replace the damaged ones. If your car seat is made up of fabric, then make use of a mild dish washer and soft brush to remove stains from the seat. Mixing the lotion and washing the seat with hot water also helps.

I always use a high quality conditioner to protect the car seats. I have seen many people using an economical conditioner and later paying the price for using a poor quality product. It is always recommended to use a good quality water-based conditioner that is pH balanced.

Why You Should Learn How to Drive a Scooter

Are you on the right path of becoming a scooterist? While you may feel intimidated a bit by people who are riding motorcycles, and you think your scooter will just look cute and tiny next to a motorbike, think again. There are many advantages to driving a scooter, as I will show you right away. First things first, riding a scooter is really easy and fun to learn. It is by no means as complicated as riding a motorcycle, and does not even come close to all the different things you need to know when you are driving a car. Especially if you are a first time rider, you will discover that a scooter is a lot of fun and comes with a very gentle learning curve. Of course, since you will be riding on the same roads as everyone, you need to know traffic rules and obey them, but, otherwise, you will soon discover that for a scooterist, the road becomes the most convenient place in the world.

Do you want to go for an open air trip? There is nothing simpler than packing a few essentials that are easy to accommodate in the small trunk, and go for a ride on your scooter. Don’t feel threatened by all the big bad motorbikes out there. At the next parking lot, you will just see why your scooter is a much better choice. Nimble and narrow, without taking up too much space, a scooter is easy to park about anywhere, so you will not encounter the usual problems other road users have to face. I can tell you this: riding on a scooter will work wonders for your self confidence and sooner than you think, you will begin feeling like the king (or queen) of the road.

If you are not yet convinced why it would be a great idea to learn how to drive a scooter, let me talk to you about dollars. Yes, that’s right, if you ride a scooter, you will pay way, way less on gas, than on any other means of transportation (except a bicycle, that is just human powered). Scooterists often use their scooters for commuting and, in the process, they save a lot of money, as well as time, since they do not so often get stuck in traffic. Do you still need another reason for riding a scooter for fun or for going to work? Here is another: insurance. Insurance is much cheaper for a scooter and you can rely on a means of transportation without having to spend a pretty dollar, just because having something to help you get to where you want to go is thought of by the insurance people as some kind of luxury.

So, when you learn how to ride a scooter, you are opening a world of possibilities, to save money, to commute with ease, to find parking space with zero headaches, and so on. Plus, if you are joining a scooter club, you will find a lot of friends willing to go on fun trips!


Making Pizza for My Friends from the Club

At the club, we all have a lot of things in common, and the more we have in common, the better friends we become. Since I am in charge of organizing all sorts of events for the club, I am quite the one in charge for bringing goodies when we have get-togethers, although I am not alone in this endeavor. We often split responsibilities, so we do not end up all with the same food and so on. I am personally the proud cook in charge of making pizza, since this is something I love best. All my friends at the club say that the pizza I make is better than anything they have ever eaten in a pizza restaurant, and, needless to say, that fills my heart with pride.


I find pizza to be among those great tasty foods that are so easy to make I sometimes wonder why people are still going to restaurants to have some instead of making their own at home. The secret, as you may well known, lies with the dough. If you get the dough right, the topping is just a matter of choice and imagination. I know my pizza dough recipe from my grandmother, and it is a secret carried within our family from generation to generation. I am quite proud of it, and each time my friends praise my pizza, I send a silent thank you to my grandmother. If you’d like to find more recipes, click here.


The next thing you need for making really great pizza is a good tool for baking the pizza. I personally go with a pizza oven, because I find this kind of kitchen appliance to be exactly what I need. There are many people who make pizza in their regular ovens, but I think that if you really want to enjoy the best possible results, the most important thing is to go with an oven that is made particularly for pizza. There is something about how the hot air is circulated inside the oven that bakes the pizza evenly, therefore creating that tasty crust everyone enjoys. For me, it is also important to be able to monitor the pizza, and a rotating pizza oven does the trick because it practically moves the pizza around, so it is well made. There is nothing more disappointing in my opinion, than a pizza that looks good on the outside, but it is not well made inside.


Just last Saturday, we organized a picnic with the club, and I brought several pizza made at home, fresh out of the oven. Everyone was cheerful and congratulated me for the choice, and we all sat around and had a lot of fun. Now I know that I do not have to worry about making the investment in the pizza oven I have at home. It really serves the purpose and is making me quite a hit among my fellow scooter enthusiasts, which means that they love coming to the club and they will continue to do so for a long time.

Throwing a party for club members

As president of my scooter club it is my responsibility to plan regular get togethers and parties, and recently we just had a great one. To make sure that everyone feels like they are a part of the club, and because I don’t think that it’s fair that one person does everything I always divide up all of the tasks. For example one person will be in charge or music and another is responsible for bringing paper products, and you get the general ideal.


At our last party we decided to have a buffet so everyone would be free to move around and catch up with each other. I also wanted the party to be relaxed and informal, and that can be hard to do with a sit down dinner. So after dividing up all of the work, I realized that I had made myself responsible for finding a chocolate fountain and cotton candy maker. Before you ask why a cotton candy maker, the simple answer is because we all love the sugary treat. The other reason was because this party was open to our families, and many of us have children or grandkids.


I didn’t realize everything that was involved with getting a chocolate fountain and cotton candy maker. Both machines were relatively easy to find , I rented ours from the neighborhood party supply store because buying them might be expensive. A good cotton candy machine might cost up to 80 bucks while the chocolate fountain…well I didn’t even wanna think about it. Renting was the safest option .

They also came with starter packs, but believe me when I say this wasn’t enough chocolate to create a fountain or make more than a couple strands of cotton candy. Thankfully the same store also sold everything else that I was going to need, and I’ve also learned that next time I know to increase my budget.

Thankfully both came with instructions that were clearly printed and easy to understand. It also helped that all of the controls were clearly labeled. The cotton candy machine was easy enough to operate that one of our club member’s sons took over running it, and he did a great job. As for the chocolate fountain it was also a success, as long as I made sure that it didn’t run out. We had a blast dripping everything from strawberries, cheese and even crackers under the running chocolate, and I’m pretty sure I saw a child using it to coat his potato chips.

My life and passion

Hi everyone! My name is Danielle Stevenson and I started this blog to share with you my adventures with the friends I made at my scooter club. I am currently the president of this club, so I am always challenged to find new ways to get everyone involved in some interesting activities. This blog is dedicated to documenting all the club activities, such as trips, rides and parties. At our club, we are always happy for new members, so I hope that others will join us as they learn more about the fun activities we are organizing here.


We have a wide range of regular activities, as well as some special events that only happen once in a while. The best thing I like about club activities is that we have so many occasions to mingle and get to know each other. Every Sunday, we have our regular rideouts, which are great for exploring the neighboring areas by scooter. Especially in good weather, these are great occasions for experiencing nature to the fullest. We also have regular meetups that do not resume only to riding our scooters. For instance, we share breakfast on Saturday mornings, and this is when we get to know each other better.


Then we also have something we call microadventures. The best part about microadventures is that we take trips to places we have never been before, so we have the chance to explore the unknown, while being surrounded by friends. Some of us even return to the places they liked best together with their families, so it is, for sure, a win-win situation.


We do not always ride away from home when we want to have fun. I am personally in charge of organizing scooter races that take place in local parks or on tracks that are suitable for such a purpose. There are even prizes we offer to those who come in first places, and, while they are only symbolic, they really make our members feel motivated to get better and get ahead of the competition.


Our most creative members have recently come up with an even more appealing idea: to have some of the scooters painted. A few works of art have already been created, and the said scooters look really cool, as we ride through the city streets and onlookers notice us. If you feel like you have a struck of genius and you are in the mood to paint a scooter, our club is more than happy to have someone like you around. For those who are only interested in riding for fun and are looking for ideas to get involved with their local scooter club, this blog will present plenty of great ideas, so you will have a great starting point, if you come here often.

For more info on scooters and why you should try riding one, read this article or this one.