How to Take Care of Your Child Car Seat


Taking care of your car’s interior is very important. You need to understand the importance of keeping your car internally clean. A dirty interior will not only smell bad but can cause many health issues as well. Moreover, it will be bad for your reputation as a car owner. Nobody likes to sit in a messy car.

If you don’t take care of such car seats, then the classy look will vanish and you will have a big mess in the car. I always make it a point to clean my car seats once every fortnight. A proper care will not only make your car seats look good and new, but also increase the lifespan of your car seats.

My cleaning process starts with vacuuming the car to remove dust particles and other food particles scattered over by my kids. You can also use a soft and dry brush for cleaning areas where your vacuum cleaner is unable to reach. A good vacuum cleaner will be able to remove all the dirt and debris without causing any scratches or lint on the seat fabric. Once you are done with removing the dirt using a vacuum cleaner or a brush the next step is to use a mild cleansing lotion to clean the surface of the seat.

I always use a soft towel that is damp enough to clean the car seats. When cleaning your child car seats with a lotion, you need to make sure to use a quality cleaning solution preferably recommended by the car seat manufacturer. A cheap or poor quality cleaning solution can cause irreparable damages to your car seat and in most cases you will have to spend money on new car seats to replace the damaged ones. If your car seat is made up of fabric, then make use of a mild dish washer and soft brush to remove stains from the seat. Mixing the lotion and washing the seat with hot water also helps.

I always use a high quality conditioner to protect the car seats. I have seen many people using an economical conditioner and later paying the price for using a poor quality product. It is always recommended to use a good quality water-based conditioner that is pH balanced.

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