Making Pizza for My Friends from the Club

At the club, we all have a lot of things in common, and the more we have in common, the better friends we become. Since I am in charge of organizing all sorts of events for the club, I am quite the one in charge for bringing goodies when we have get-togethers, although I am not alone in this endeavor. We often split responsibilities, so we do not end up all with the same food and so on. I am personally the proud cook in charge of making pizza, since this is something I love best. All my friends at the club say that the pizza I make is better than anything they have ever eaten in a pizza restaurant, and, needless to say, that fills my heart with pride.


I find pizza to be among those great tasty foods that are so easy to make I sometimes wonder why people are still going to restaurants to have some instead of making their own at home. The secret, as you may well known, lies with the dough. If you get the dough right, the topping is just a matter of choice and imagination. I know my pizza dough recipe from my grandmother, and it is a secret carried within our family from generation to generation. I am quite proud of it, and each time my friends praise my pizza, I send a silent thank you to my grandmother. If you’d like to find more recipes, click here.


The next thing you need for making really great pizza is a good tool for baking the pizza. I personally go with a pizza oven, because I find this kind of kitchen appliance to be exactly what I need. There are many people who make pizza in their regular ovens, but I think that if you really want to enjoy the best possible results, the most important thing is to go with an oven that is made particularly for pizza. There is something about how the hot air is circulated inside the oven that bakes the pizza evenly, therefore creating that tasty crust everyone enjoys. For me, it is also important to be able to monitor the pizza, and a rotating pizza oven does the trick because it practically moves the pizza around, so it is well made. There is nothing more disappointing in my opinion, than a pizza that looks good on the outside, but it is not well made inside.


Just last Saturday, we organized a picnic with the club, and I brought several pizza made at home, fresh out of the oven. Everyone was cheerful and congratulated me for the choice, and we all sat around and had a lot of fun. Now I know that I do not have to worry about making the investment in the pizza oven I have at home. It really serves the purpose and is making me quite a hit among my fellow scooter enthusiasts, which means that they love coming to the club and they will continue to do so for a long time.

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