Throwing a party for club members

As president of my scooter club it is my responsibility to plan regular get togethers and parties, and recently we just had a great one. To make sure that everyone feels like they are a part of the club, and because I don’t think that it’s fair that one person does everything I always divide up all of the tasks. For example one person will be in charge or music and another is responsible for bringing paper products, and you get the general ideal.


At our last party we decided to have a buffet so everyone would be free to move around and catch up with each other. I also wanted the party to be relaxed and informal, and that can be hard to do with a sit down dinner. So after dividing up all of the work, I realized that I had made myself responsible for finding a chocolate fountain and cotton candy maker. Before you ask why a cotton candy maker, the simple answer is because we all love the sugary treat. The other reason was because this party was open to our families, and many of us have children or grandkids.


I didn’t realize everything that was involved with getting a chocolate fountain and cotton candy maker. Both machines were relatively easy to find , I rented ours from the neighborhood party supply store because buying them might be expensive. A good cotton candy machine might cost up to 80 bucks while the chocolate fountain…well I didn’t even wanna think about it. Renting was the safest option .

They also came with starter packs, but believe me when I say this wasn’t enough chocolate to create a fountain or make more than a couple strands of cotton candy. Thankfully the same store also sold everything else that I was going to need, and I’ve also learned that next time I know to increase my budget.

Thankfully both came with instructions that were clearly printed and easy to understand. It also helped that all of the controls were clearly labeled. The cotton candy machine was easy enough to operate that one of our club member’s sons took over running it, and he did a great job. As for the chocolate fountain it was also a success, as long as I made sure that it didn’t run out. We had a blast dripping everything from strawberries, cheese and even crackers under the running chocolate, and I’m pretty sure I saw a child using it to coat his potato chips.

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