Why You Should Learn How to Drive a Scooter

Are you on the right path of becoming a scooterist? While you may feel intimidated a bit by people who are riding motorcycles, and you think your scooter will just look cute and tiny next to a motorbike, think again. There are many advantages to driving a scooter, as I will show you right away. First things first, riding a scooter is really easy and fun to learn. It is by no means as complicated as riding a motorcycle, and does not even come close to all the different things you need to know when you are driving a car. Especially if you are a first time rider, you will discover that a scooter is a lot of fun and comes with a very gentle learning curve. Of course, since you will be riding on the same roads as everyone, you need to know traffic rules and obey them, but, otherwise, you will soon discover that for a scooterist, the road becomes the most convenient place in the world.

Do you want to go for an open air trip? There is nothing simpler than packing a few essentials that are easy to accommodate in the small trunk, and go for a ride on your scooter. Don’t feel threatened by all the big bad motorbikes out there. At the next parking lot, you will just see why your scooter is a much better choice. Nimble and narrow, without taking up too much space, a scooter is easy to park about anywhere, so you will not encounter the usual problems other road users have to face. I can tell you this: riding on a scooter will work wonders for your self confidence and sooner than you think, you will begin feeling like the king (or queen) of the road.

If you are not yet convinced why it would be a great idea to learn how to drive a scooter, let me talk to you about dollars. Yes, that’s right, if you ride a scooter, you will pay way, way less on gas, than on any other means of transportation (except a bicycle, that is just human powered). Scooterists often use their scooters for commuting and, in the process, they save a lot of money, as well as time, since they do not so often get stuck in traffic. Do you still need another reason for riding a scooter for fun or for going to work? Here is another: insurance. Insurance is much cheaper for a scooter and you can rely on a means of transportation without having to spend a pretty dollar, just because having something to help you get to where you want to go is thought of by the insurance people as some kind of luxury.

So, when you learn how to ride a scooter, you are opening a world of possibilities, to save money, to commute with ease, to find parking space with zero headaches, and so on. Plus, if you are joining a scooter club, you will find a lot of friends willing to go on fun trips!


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